The Big 10 Inch is a three-time World Champion air cannon and is the Guinness World Record holder for "Farthest Distance to Fire a Pumpkin." Our Guinness World Record shot of 5,545.43 feet was certified by Guinness in January, 2011.

In November 2009 we won our third World Championship, hurling a pumpkin 4,162.65 feet at the 24th annual "World Championship Punkin Chunkin" held in Sussex County, Delaware. Our previous World Championships were won in 2007 and 1999.

The Big 10 Inch is a pumpkin cannon, so-named according to military custom for its bore. The "Big" refers to the fact that its barrel is 90 feet long! It's an air cannon - that is, it operates on compressed air. 

Pumpkin throwing (also referred to as "punkin chunkin") is quite popular -- there are at least a dozen events each fall that attract all sorts of "chunkers", catapults, trebuchets, contraptions and machines.

Captained by Ralph Eschborn, the team consists of members from across the United States:

  • Eastern Division: brothers Alex & Eric Eschborn, Stefan Hill, Mark McCord, Ben Foltz, Shawn & Baden Saathoff, Harry Harding, Stewart Ramsey, Charlie Greer, & Drew Batson
  • Southern Division: Toby McCabe & Jo Huxster
  • Western Division: Ken Brischke, Jack Keith, & Bobby Egeberg
  • Retired Members: Co-founder Pete Hill, Verne Weidman, Don Brill, John Piel, & Andy Cloud
  • Eternal Members: Merritt Tappan, Stuart Constable

Each member plays a key role in our success based on their expertise in mechanics, electronics, ballistics, welding, pressure codes, spotting, morale, etc...

We love the sport, the camaraderie, and never get tired of the exhilaration experienced when our air cannon fires.

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