2000 - World Championship Punkin Chunkin

The Big 10 Inch launched several pumpkins over 4000 feet during the 2000 World Championships. Our best shot was hurled a distance of 4111 feet (1.25 km), or about 4/5 of a mile, as accurately measured by a professional surveyor. This record shot exceeded our best performance of the previous year by 11%. It was the longest shot of any event held during the year, including the original World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest, which has been held every November in southern Delaware for the last 16 years. This event draws over 80 entrants from as far away as Illinois, Michigan, and Florida. The 2000 champion, “Old Glory”, won with a shot of 4086 feet, rivaling our record shot. “Old Glory”, along with “Q36” and “2nd Amendment” are the other members of the “4000 Foot Club”

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