2000 - World Champions!

In our second year of competition, the Big 10 Inch was crowned 1999 Punkin Chunkin World Champions after hurling a 9.2 lb. pumpkin a distance of 3,695 feet, besting the second-place finisher, “Q36”, by 150 feet.

Our winning toss exceeded our best rookie year mark by over 30%. We attribute our dramatic improvement from our 1998 rookie year to two things:

  • 150% increase in the energy released by The Big 10 Inch as it propels a pumpkin down its 100-foot barrel, upping the output to roughly 1000 horsepower!
  • Pre-launch beer bath for the pumpkin. As with any sporting contest, it’s the little things that count. Now that we have a streak going, we don’t dare change this practice. (Of course, the team members consume a considerably larger amount than they use for bathing the pumpkins. This practice contributes to soaring spirits if not to soaring gourds.)

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